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DJ Suite Aka Preston Land, is skilled in an ever growing technological world performing dance music through live remix at major and local events and volunteering with local organizations. Including at the OKC Pride’s Concert in 2015 and 2016. 

DJ Suite has been in the Industry of vinyl & digital turntablism industry since the early 90’s.  Inspired by his friends and favorite local Djs native to northern California. DJ Suite played his first outdoor underground event just a few months after picking up his first vinyl and has continued to impress his followers. DJ Suite has performed in Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose and LA California, Reno and Las Vegas NV, Chicago, New York, the southern cities such as Dallas and Austin TX and Oklahoma as well as abroad.

DJ Suite is known for his long seamless mixes that will keep your body moving and longing for the next sound as your feet move across the dance floor.  DJ Suite is not limited to Disco House or mainstream House as his roots of Deep House, UK House, Tribal House & Tribal Trance, Psychedelic and Breaks.  DJ Suite is one of the Few Dj’s that isn’t afraid to break the barriers of a typical genre’s, your body will not stop moving.  DJ Suite has been grateful to perform with some of the Top artist overs his years such as Dragnfly, DJ Dan, Cantos, DJ Rocket, Micro, Aaron Vega, Mars, Rogerthat, KJ, CDUB and much more.

Oklahoma City, OK  73162 US